The Bible for Normal People


The Bible for Normal People is a podcast that helps Christians navigate and appreciate this vastness of biblical interpretation. It is hosted by Pete Enns, a biblical scholar and author, and Jared Byas, a seminary graduate and former philosophy professor.

In most episodes, Enns and Byas interview biblical scholars and theologians about their work. Recent topics have included Second Temple Judaism, the Jewish identity of early Christians, the meaning of “inspiration,” and the importance of diversity in biblical scholarship. The podcast takes this last point especially to heart, featuring non-white scholars like Miguel De La Torre, Wil Gafney, and Yii-Jan Lin.

Enns and Byas are friendly, thoughtful interviewers, and their questions keep the podcast accessible to listeners of all theological backgrounds.




Brian’s Brief Evaluation:

  • Challenges the core Evangelical theologies by asking the tough questions and facing flush on the inconsistencies that are evident.
  • Essentially continues to ask the question: What is the Bible and what do we do with it?
  • Interviews mostly well-known Jewish and Christian scholars, as well as social change activists, pastors, rabbis, etc.

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