From Israelite to Jew


Professor Michael Satlow, of Brown University, offers a complete set of lectures on early Judaism (recorded 2011), available for free download on iTunes. The course, “From Israelite to Jew” covers the exile, return from exile, Persian, Hellenistic, and Roman periods, including Philo, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the destruction of the Temple. In other words, Satlow covers the entire Second Temple period of Israelite history in 23, approximately, 30 minutes lessons.

Speaker: Michael L. Satlow, Ph.D.


Brian’s Brief Evaluation:

  • I could not more highly recommend this series of presentations. The Second Temple Period is the single most important period of Jewish history and it also has direct relevance (and impact) on the understanding of the origins of Christianity.
  • No prerequisite knowledge is required but only a desire to learn about how and why Israelite religion as portrayed in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament evolved into the Judaism(s) of the first century CE.

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