So You’re Deconstructing


You are not alone! Most people who find themselves in a crisis of faith start by asking good (but tough) questions. These questions can make people around them uneasy and are often met with only one “acceptable” answer. Often, what comes next is a difficult experience of insecurity as we doubt our commitments to our deepest held beliefs and values. But this doesn’t have to be the end of your faith journey. Our hope is to provide you with resources that will transform a crisis into an opportunity for renewal, healing, and learning. There’s great richness and diversity in the real-life Christian church, from which we hope you may find new inspiration for a faith reborn!

So You’re Deconstructing was created by Sarey Martin Concepcion and Dan Koch. Dan hosts the You Have Permission podcast and is currently a doctoral student in psychology at Northwest University in Washington State. Sarey is a writer and producer who holds a Master in Theology degree from Fuller Seminary.


Brian’s Brief Evaluation:

  • This website provide not only resources for further study and reflection, but also resources for support in terms of links to communities and therapy for those who have need for either.
  • I have little interaction with this site, but based on many hours of listening to Dan Koch’s website and particularly this episode – – I feel confident in recommending this website.

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