The Center for Open and Relational Theology


“Open and Relational Theology” is an umbrella label under which a variety of theologies and believers reside. This variety shares at least two ideas in common:

  1. God experiences time moment by moment (open)
  2. God, us, and creation relate, so that everyone gives and receives (relational)

Most open and relational thinkers also affirm additional ideas, such as the idea love is our ultimate ethic, creatures are free at least to some extent, all creation matters, life has purpose, genuine transformation is possible, science points to important truths theology needs to incorporate, and more.

What is “Open and Relational Theology?” See:


Brian’s Brief Evaluation:

  • This is an excellent website, chock full of various kinds of resources for everyone, from the person who is initially exploring ORT to those who are diving deep.
  • The “News” page links website visitors to a wide variety of books, videos, podcasts, and articles that discuss and even debate the theory and its implications for the believer.
  • It can be a bit overwhelming due to the vastness of the material available.

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