The Ancient Jew Review


The Ancient Jew Review (AJR) is a web journal founded in 2014 devoted to the study of the ancient Judaism. In this respect, AJR incorporates scholarship from a wide range of fields, including Hellenistic, Roman, Sasanian, and Persian history, Biblical Studies, ancient Christianity, Rabbinic Judaism, and the Second Temple period. AJR showcases and curates content from these respective fields. By bringing together scholars across disciplinary lines, we survey the state of the field and promote conversation about future avenues of research.


Brian’s Briefs:

  • I’ve not used this website to its fullest with respect to aiding my own better understanding of ancient Judaism, primarily from the beginning of (1) the Second Temple period (ca. 515 BCE – 70 CE), (2) pre and early Rabbinic Judaism (ca. 70 – 500 CE), and (3) emergent Christianity (first through fourth centuries CE).
  • However, this is an excellent curated website, which exposes students of Judaism and Christianity to the writings of established and published scholars, in way that is accessible to non-academics.

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