The What If Project


My name is Glenn Siepert and I’m a writer, thinker, friend, and follower of Jesus and this is my attempt to create a space that I’ve always longed for and I suspect that others have longed for as well. You see, I used to pastor a church, but then left. It’s not that I stopped believing in God or the church or that I lost my faith or even that the job was too hard…

What if there are ways of understanding God and the Bible that are different than the ways in which we typically do? Like, what if it’s OK to wrestle with the stories, to come to conclusions that are different than the norm, to read the Bible and to voice the hard questions … And what if there are ways of bringing church to people as opposed to always trying to bring people to church…


Host: Glenn Siepert


Brian’s Briefs:

  • Glenn portrays a curious and humble spirit. I can relate, so much, to how he got to the place in his journey where he finds himself and the questions he seeks to find answers for.
  • He is a prolific podcaster, so for sure anyone who is seeking to learn and grow can find episodes from his archive that are worth a listen.
  • Glenn is also courageous as he is willing to explore subjects with his guest scholars that are certainly contentious and controversial. For example, he produced an 8-part series titled, “To Hell with Hell,” in which he interviews 8 different scholars who have extensively studied and written on the subject.

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