Life Does Suck – At Times

Life does, indeed, at times, suck a whole lot. Like when you’ve spent six months preparing to help host 50 participants at a conference––planning, communicating, devising, etc.––only to be forced to leave less than a day into the conference by the very sudden onset of significant symptoms that test positive for COVID! Two and half years I’ve been isolated––as have the majority of my fellow humans––yet working on things in anticipation of a return to the freedom to travel and have in-person human contact, and then for the virus to hit me less than twelve hours into my first significant foray into “normal” human interaction. Yes, sometimes, life just sucks!

Yes, I know that a whole lot more people have had it a whole lot worse. Thus, I’m sure that some would say that I should just be grateful that, at least so far, my symptoms, while significantly uncomfortable and unpleasant, are not life threatening. Yet, as much as I am grateful, I’m ticked off that something that I’ve invested so much thought, time, and energy into hosting and participating in is now barred to me. And now I, like all COVID victims, feel the anxiety regarding the uncertainty of the potential impact of the virus on me. I have underlying health conditions and even if I don’t end up in hospital, what silent workings are going on in my body that could result in long term physical challenges or exacerbate my already significant, life-altering, health issues.

So, yes, I’m grateful, because at this moment things could be a lot worse. But, at the same time as I feel thankful, I’m also just incredibly pissed off, intensely disappointed, and discouraged.

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