Biblical Beginnings 7b: Genesis 2:4b–25, Notes and Quotes

It is quite clear to everyone but the most conservative/fundamentalist biblical scholars, that these verses are a second, and different, story of creation. The differences, as compared with Gen 1:1–2:4a, can only be logically understood as a separate story and not a retelling of the first story but in greater detail. What are the differences?Continue reading “Biblical Beginnings 7b: Genesis 2:4b–25, Notes and Quotes”

Biblical Beginnings 7a: Genesis 2:4b–25, Translation with Notes

On the day Yahweh[1] Elohim made land and skies there were not yet any shrubs of the field on the land and not yet any plants of the field had sprouted because Yahweh Elohim had not caused rain on the land and there was no human to work the ground. And fresh water came upContinue reading “Biblical Beginnings 7a: Genesis 2:4b–25, Translation with Notes”

Biblical Beginnings 6b: Gen. 1:1–2:4a, Notes and Quotes

This purpose of this post (and others to follow) is not to serve as a verse-by-verse commentary on the first eleven chapters of Genesis. There are many really good works written by scholars who are far more qualified than I to address some of the thorniest issues. However, what I will write about has toContinue reading “Biblical Beginnings 6b: Gen. 1:1–2:4a, Notes and Quotes”

Early Christian Texts

This website contains a wealth of information and resources as well as links to a podcast (The Bible & Beyond) and blog. As the scholars who contribute state, “Exploring historical and spiritual questions about Jesus, women, salvation, healing, gender, and wholeness raised by extra-canonical books, forgotten scriptures, and so-called “gnostic” gospels.” There are many hoursContinue reading “Early Christian Texts”

Wry Thoughts About Religion

Charles W. Hedrick is Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Missouri State University. His blog is a delight, the work of an insatiably curious mind. As he states in his blog bio, “I’ve traveled a bit in the world, written widely unread books and articles, and hobnobbed with some near celebrities. But when it gets down toContinue reading “Wry Thoughts About Religion”

Biblical Beginnings 6a: Gen 1:1–2:4a, Translation

If you’re up for it, and you really want to see Genesis 1–11 with fresh eyes, I’m providing you with that opportunity. I plan to go through these chapters with two posts per section. The first post will, for each section, be my own translation. I will include only notes explaining why I chose toContinue reading “Biblical Beginnings 6a: Gen 1:1–2:4a, Translation”

Biblical Beginnings 5: Tales of the Earliest World

It has taken me quite a while to write this post because I’ve been reading a very helpful book, Middle Eastern Mythology by Samuel Henry Hooke (1874–1968). It’s not a big book—less than 200 pages in the Dover paperback edition of 2004—but it is quite dense with information. It is written in a way, however,Continue reading “Biblical Beginnings 5: Tales of the Earliest World”

Qohelet 5: Since Everything is Utterly Absurd, What’s a Person To Do?

As we have noted, Qohelet repeatedly uses the word, hevel, to stress that certain individual actions or pursuits are meaningless and thus in the end that all of life “under the sun” is utterly meaningless. So, if that’s the case, Qohelet, what are people supposed to do with their lives? There is a phrase thatContinue reading “Qohelet 5: Since Everything is Utterly Absurd, What’s a Person To Do?”

ORT & Me 2: Theology that Impedes vs. Theology that Empowers

As my parents’ generation often stated, “The proof is in the pudding.” Since, according to the New Testament, “God is love” (1 John 4:8), then if that understanding, for me, truly defines who God is and how God works in this world (and in my life), that should inspire, motivate and empower me to liveContinue reading “ORT & Me 2: Theology that Impedes vs. Theology that Empowers”

Bible Backstory 1: “The Bible” in Jesus’ Day

There was no “the Bible” in Jesus’ day. It simply didn’t exist. Rather, what did exist was a variety of mostly independent texts, many of which existed in different versions and obviously had undergone (or were undergoing) change. Some would say that the texts that later were deemed “canonical” were, during the mid to lateContinue reading “Bible Backstory 1: “The Bible” in Jesus’ Day”