“Aha” Concept: Live Out My Faith with Humility

I don’t remember exactly when this idea sufficiently permeated my consciousness. I think it happened gradually, with ever increasing impact, over a period of five years or so in the mid-2000s. As I opened myself up to truly hearing those with whom I disagreed, I began to see that many other people were searching forContinue reading ““Aha” Concept: Live Out My Faith with Humility”

“Aha” Concept: Avoid Proof Texting

I honestly cannot nail this down to a moment or a specific time in my life. However, once the dangers of proof texting became clear to me (gradually with ever deeper conviction), avoiding the practice of proof texting became an obsession for me.  Identifying my own proof texting is a humbling process for sure. ItContinue reading ““Aha” Concept: Avoid Proof Texting”

“Aha” Concepts: I Can See More Clearly Now

Just recently—two weeks ago—I had my latest prescription lenses installed in my old frames. I hadn’t had my eyes checked in 3 years or more, and according my optometrist, my prescription changed rather significantly. Thus, was explained why everything had been quite blurry—duh!  Because I didn’t need (or want) new frames (the ones I haveContinue reading ““Aha” Concepts: I Can See More Clearly Now”

Book Review: “How to Read the Bible”

My Tuesday small group spent just over four months reading and discussing James L. Kugel’s incredibly detailed and informative book, How to Read the Bible: A Guide to Scripture Then and Now. It is a whopping 36 chapters and 771 pages in its paperback edition. The “Then” in the title refers to how “the ancientContinue reading “Book Review: “How to Read the Bible””