DD 1.0 Introduction: Taking Up the Challenge

Posted: August 13, 2022 (approx. 1200 words) For all their criticisms of the “classical” doctrine of God, the very doctrine they find to be so widespread in evangelical circles, open theists nevertheless set about their biblical-theological task with a markedly conservative evangelical understanding of Scriptures. In its best sense, this understanding entails a commitment toContinue reading “DD 1.0 Introduction: Taking Up the Challenge”

My Thoughts re: Preston Shipp’s Recent Twitter Thread

See: Preston Shipp – Twitter Feed (@preston_shipp) – Aug 4, 2022 Note: My thoughts, comments and questions are found in italics under each of Preston’s tweets in “quotation marks.” I appreciate so much of what Preston is communicating here! My responses are not meant so much as a critique, because I know how limiting 140Continue reading “My Thoughts re: Preston Shipp’s Recent Twitter Thread”

Education or Indoctrination?

I was reading the introduction to A New New Testament: A Bible for the 21st Century Combining Traditional and Newly Discovered Texts edited, and with commentary, by Hal Taussig, when I came upon this quote, explaining why he chose to title and structure this anthology of early Christian texts the way he has: “My firstContinue reading “Education or Indoctrination?”

Is a Faith That Never Questions Really Faith?

July 28, 2022 “[A]nd if again I say that to talk every day about virtue and the other things about which you hear me talking and examining myself and others is the greatest good to man, and that the unexamined life is not worth living, you will believe me still less” (Plato, Apology, 38a) PlatoContinue reading “Is a Faith That Never Questions Really Faith?”

Let’s Stop Spectating! Let’s Start Participating!

July 25, 2022 “I hope that We Make the Road by Walking will facilitate the spontaneous formation of grassroots learning circles that can bring together people who don’t feel welcome or wanted in conventional churches. I would discourage these self-organizing groups from using the word church to describe what they’re doing—at least initially. A lotContinue reading “Let’s Stop Spectating! Let’s Start Participating!”

The Earliest Churches Were Nothing Like Ours

July 25, 2022 “It [i.e., the movement started by Jesus and his apostles] had no bank accounts but was rich in relationships and joy. It had no elaborate hierarchy and organization but spread like wildfire through simple practices of empowerment and self-organization. It had no seminaries or colleges but it was constantly training new wavesContinue reading “The Earliest Churches Were Nothing Like Ours”

The North American Life is Not the Abundant Life

July 21, 2022 “The quest for aliveness is the best thing about religion, I think. It’s what we’re hoping for when we pray. It’s why we gather, celebrate, eat, abstain, attend, practice, sing, and contemplate. When people say, ‘I’m spiritual,’ what they mean, I think, is simple: ‘I’m seeking aliveness’” (xv). “We have created anContinue reading “The North American Life is Not the Abundant Life”

Constructive Theology is Improvable and Practical

July 10, 2022 “It [the book] is a work of constructive theology—offering a positive, practical, open, faithful, improvable, and fresh articulation of Christian faith suitable for people in our dynamic times. It is also a work of public and practical theology—theology that is worked out by “normal” people in daily life.” –Brian McLaren, We MakeContinue reading “Constructive Theology is Improvable and Practical”

Once Again: Protagonists in Our Own Story

July 8, 2022 “Do the rest of us have to wait until somebody somewhere figures things out and tells the rest of us what to do? I believe that all of us play a role in choosing and creating our futures—as individuals and as communities. We don’t need to wait passively for history to happenContinue reading “Once Again: Protagonists in Our Own Story”