Part 1 – “God is Love” Whatever one thinks of the nature of the Bible—whether word-for-word divinely inspired or written by humans but to some degree and in some ways guided and influenced by divine involvement—few question that the central and foundational nature of God can be best be summed up in one word: LOVE[1].…

Some Thoughts on 2 Timothy 3:16–17

For many Christians, the meaning of 2 Timothy 3:16 is clear and uncomplicated. They insist that the creator of this text was stating that the sixty-six books that comprise the Protestant Bible are the only books that are inspired by God and that inspiration assures God’s initiation, engagement, and oversight of the authorship, transmission, canonization,…

Thoughts on Wesners’ Book, “When God Can’t Answer”

Wesner, Maralene and Miles Wesner. When God Can’t Answer. Macon, GA: Nurturing Faith, 2022. This is a relatively short (100 pages in paperback) and dense effort to explain why many (maybe even most) prayers are not answered. Fundamentally, the authors explain and conclude that God’s nature and human freedom are the reasons for “unanswered” prayers.…


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I have created the content on this website with the intention of providing support, encouragement, resources and recommendations for other skeptical believers as they strive to live out their faith. To do that, we need a safe place where we can explore, learn and question.

May this website BE that safe place.

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