My Doctoral Dissertation — A Draft Outline

Title: The Pluriform and Polyphonic Nature of Τὰ Βιβλία and the Implications of, and for, Open and Relational Theology Treatise Academic Abstract – Draft The earliest Christian theologians and apologists––i.e., the creators of the New Testament texts and the apostolic fathers––were thoroughly aware that their “holy writings” (ἱερὰ γράμματα) were pluriform in nature. They ingeniouslyContinue reading “My Doctoral Dissertation — A Draft Outline”

Shooting Ourselves in the Heart: The Impact of Gender-Specific Roles and Responsibilities in Faith Communities

April 27, 2022 Over the last four years, I have read numerous articles and large portions of books on this subject that have been written in the last 50 years. Those authors who state that the biblical texts support a traditional, patriarchal perspective are certainly on the decline, yet they still have a voice andContinue reading Shooting Ourselves in the Heart: The Impact of Gender-Specific Roles and Responsibilities in Faith Communities”

If Love is the Lens…

In order to “deal with” the very problematic passages in the biblical texts that portray God as one who considers, commits, commands and/or condone violence (physical, emotional and spiritual), most Christian interpreters take what they call a “Christocentric” approach to reading the Bible. I think a Christocentric hermeneutic, however, doesn’t go far enough. Basically, theContinue reading “If Love is the Lens…”


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I have created the content on this website with the intention of providing support, encouragement, resources and recommendations for other skeptical believers as they strive to live out their faith. To do that, we need a safe place where we can explore, learn and question.

May this website BE that safe place.

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