Early Christian Texts

This website contains a wealth of information and resources as well as links to a podcast (The Bible & Beyond) and blog. As the scholars who contribute state, “Exploring historical and spiritual questions about Jesus, women, salvation, healing, gender, and wholeness raised by extra-canonical books, forgotten scriptures, and so-called “gnostic” gospels.” There are many hoursContinue reading “Early Christian Texts”

The Ancient Jew Review

Summary: The Ancient Jew Review (AJR) is a web journal founded in 2014 devoted to the study of the ancient Judaism. In this respect, AJR incorporates scholarship from a wide range of fields, including Hellenistic, Roman, Sasanian, and Persian history, Biblical Studies, ancient Christianity, Rabbinic Judaism, and the Second Temple period. AJR showcases and curatesContinue reading “The Ancient Jew Review”

The Center for Open and Relational Theology

Summary: “Open and Relational Theology” is an umbrella label under which a variety of theologies and believers reside. This variety shares at least two ideas in common: God experiences time moment by moment (open) God, us, and creation relate, so that everyone gives and receives (relational) Most open and relational thinkers also affirm additional ideas,Continue reading “The Center for Open and Relational Theology”

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